Dinotropolis are offering rangers and parents first aid courses on a variety of dates from January through to March.

Dinotropolis are teaming up with Mini First Aid to offer first aid courses for parents and children. Places will be limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.


Adult classes are £20.00 per guest

Child classes are £15.00 per child with 2 free adults per child. This also includes a play session after the course. This course is suitable for 6 – 12 year-olds.



FIND EGGASAURUS for the chance to win a free party at Dinotropolis!

As part of the Bluewater Egg-cellent adventure, there is a giant Eggasaurus hidden within the centre. Find Eggasaurus for the chance to win a free party at Dinotropolis! We’ve also got three Explorer passes to give away as runner up prizes, so there’s more chance to win…
All you have to do is follow us, tag us @DinotropolisUK and share your selfie with #Eggasaurus on Instagram for the chance to win.

Tag us: @dinotropolisUK

Terms & Conditions apply.

You can find out more information on the Bluewater Egg-cellent adventure here.

We’ve loved seeing our first entries rolling in…

BREAKING! Leaked Video Footage Confirms Dinosaurs are Amongst Us ????

Exclusive footage leaked from Bluewater shows that what appears to be a never seen before species of dinosaur could still walk amongst us…

The unidentified creature was sighted in Bluewater’s arcade. While the footage tells experts that the dinosaur is receptive to light and sounds, researchers who are currently studying the leaked clips in a bid to identify it, are stumped. It’s been rumoured among experts that the creature could, in fact, be a newly discovered species of the dinosaur.

Authorities are still trying to track down the location of the mysterious entity, so shoppers and visitors to Bluewater are told to tread with caution while the creature is captured.

Check out the exclusive footage for yourself below…

The Triceratops was a Herbivore that lived in the late Cretaceous Period around 65 million years ago. This dinosaur is very easily identified thanks to it’s large body, unique ‘frill’ and three horns! In fact, the name ‘Triceratops’ actually comes from the Greek language, where ‘tri’ means three and ‘keratops’ means horned face. The reason for these horns was so that the Triceratops could protect itself against the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which lived during the same time period.

Dinotropolis Dino Intel Triceratops

It’s believed that once fully grown, a Triceratops was around 8 metres in length, 3 metres in height, and weighed between 6 and 12 tons! The skull alone could grow over 2 metres in length; that’s 7 foot long! Inside that big old skull, throughout the lifetime of a Triceratops, there were anywhere between 400 and 800 teeth. These were constantly being replaced as the dinosaur aged. These teeth were used to munch on plants mainly, as the Triceratops was a herbivore.

Dinotropolis Dino Intel Triceratops

It’s likely that the Triceratops ate lot’s of varieties of plants, and may have used their large bulk and strength to knock down trees in order to get at leaves, much like elephants do today. The head of a Triceratops could reach up to a third of their entire length! The jaws were tipped with a deep narrow beak, which made for a great plucking and grasping device when it came to eating.


Dinotropolis Dino Intel Triceratops


We’re giving our little rangers the opportunity to bring a friend for FREE on their next visit.

Next time you make a booking to visit Dinotropolis, we’ll send you one extra free entry for your next visit. You can bring along anyone who your little one thinks is dino-mite for FREE.

Dinotropolis is even better when enjoyed with friends. We love seeing our rangers building friendships as the whizz around the Raptor Racetrack, climb the Dino Jungle and build volcanoes in Discovery Cove. Whether it’s their Valentines “date” or BFF, we can’t wait to welcome your little rangers and their special guests!


Make a booking for any adult and child on our website and you’ll receive a ‘Free Ranger’ email after your visit. This will allow you to bring along an extra Ranger for free!

This is an Explorer Pass worth £12 and should be used within 30 days of receiving your email. It is redeemable from Monday to Thursday during term-term.

Check out the full terms and conditions here.

Dinotropolis has been open for four months and we’ve welcomed over 45,000 Dino Rangers and parents since November! As a thank you, we’ll be offering a prize to the 50,000th person. This will be a free birthday party for 20 children! We’re expecting the lucky Ranger to come through the doors within the first half of February 2019.

Over the last three months, our visitors have come face to face with animatronic dinosaurs, explored three storeys of soft play in the Dino Jungle, and raced with Raptors in our pedal-powered go-karts. The bravest rangers have also taken on the Dino Escape challenge!

Bluewater Soft Play

Here’s what some of our visitors had to say…

Hayley, a local mum, said… ‘I had the best day today for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She and her brother had hours of fun and we made so many memories. Us adults loved it too. I was so impressed with everything. We only live 5 minutes away so we will definitely be back. The kids were shattered and so were we!’

Children have the chance to become real Dino Ranges, exploring the Jurassic world in the Discovery Cove, they can dig for fossils, uncover the bones of a T Rex, and build volcanoes in the interactive sandpit! We also offer our Rangers the chance to bring their dinosaur drawings to life and see them stomp across the landscape on a gigantic screen… Discovery Cove is where the educational element of Dinotropolis comes into play.

Caroline, a local mum said… ‘A fabulous find. Entirely focused on a fun adventure for children, but parents (including myself) can’t help but get involved and immersed in the fun and activities. From creating volcanoes and multi-coloured dinosaurs to burning off some energy in the soft play, it’s a great experience for all families and we were no exception! My son and I had such fun making sand volcanoes, building skeleton dinosaurs, making our own unique dinosaurs appear on the screen, and burning energy in the soft play. A thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish – thank you Dinotropolis!’

Interactive Sandpit

In addition to the Dino Jungle, there is a themed soft play zone area for younger rangers from 18 months to 3 years old, and older children can pit their wits and take their chances at sneaking past our sleeping monsters in the Dino Escape challenge.

For the chance to be our 50,000th visitor, make a booking in February and try your luck out! Terms and conditions can be found here.

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