Come face to face with a T-Rex, race with the Raptors in pedal-powered go-karts, and walk alongside a towering Triceratops. You’ll find other animatronic dinosaurs on your travels… A grazing Diplodocus and a Pteranodon nesting with her dinosaur eggs. Tread carefully though Ranger, there’s another Pteranodon overhead!


Visit our resident herbivore at Discovery Cove! Diplodocuses were plant eaters with peg-like teeth, perfect for stripping leaves from foliage and trees. It’s thought to have been the longest known dinosaur, with a neck that could reach over 6 metres and a tail that 80 vertebrae! They grew to around 27 metres in length and weighed around 12 tons, which is as much as a large truck; but they still weren’t the heaviest dinosaur…

Dinotropolis - Meet the Dinosaurs


Another one of our herb-eating friends is our Triceratops! This is one that you won’t be easy to miss… The brave Triceratops species lived in the late Cretaceous Period alongside meat-eating predators like the T-Rex and Spinosaurus. To defend itself against attackers it had two long brow horns that could grow to at least 1 metre long. The Triceratops was well-equipped to cause a substantial amount of damage to attackers! This dinosaur was around 9 metres in length and weighed 5 tons.

Tyrannosaurus Rex 

‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ means ‘Tyrant Lizard’… It had powerful back legs that let it hunt prey over short distances reaching a speed of 20mph! They would have charged out of the undergrowth to surprise unsuspecting prey, and their flexible neck helped them with their attack. The T Rex was one of the biggest carnivores, and it had one of the biggest brains for a dinosaur, making it a better hunter by improving its vision and smell too!


By the Fossil Cafe you’ll find a nesting Pteranodon with her eggs… The Pteranodon was a flying reptile, or pterosaur, which flew over the Earth about 85 to 75 million years ago during the late Cretaceous period. Pteranodons were about six feet in length and had leathery wings that spanned 25 to 33 feet. You’ll find another Pterandon flying overhead, just make sure to look up!


You’ll find two mischevious raptors in our Raptor Race track! These smart dinos had a large brain that helped them be very agile. They could also hunt together in packs! Working together they were fearsome predators. It would have been almost impossible to escape from their attack.

Dinotropolis - Meet the Dinosaurs

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