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Workshops on offer

Workshop 1

eats what?
  • The meaning and differences of carnivore, omnivore, herbivore
  • What each category eat and why
  • The different dinosaurs in each category

Workshop 2

Rock and fossil
  • The properties of different rock groups
  • How fossils are formed
  • An introduction into paleontology

Workshop 3

Life Cycle of
a dinosaur
  • Create a life cycle
  • Food chains
  • The different groups of living things

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    School Trip - March 2019

    We decided to take our Year 4 class to Dinotropolis for spring Term School trip. I asked if I could go to the centre before making the booking as its relatively new, and I had not visited the venue before. Hazel met with me and shower me the different activities that were on offer and was keen to listen to any special requirements that I needed.

    On the day of the trip, the class were so excited. On arriving at Dinotropolis we were met by Hazel who showed up to our own secure room, which was ours for the day. All adults were offered free tea and coffee through the day and cold drinks were given to the children.

    The children’s first workshop was to find out about different dinosaurs and the difference between herbivores and carnivores, this was a fun activity and all children were always engaged. The children enjoyed designing their own dinosaur and seeing it appear in the big computer screen at the centre. The class had free time on the play equipment, which was great as some have never been to a soft play like this before. The class had such a fun day and many children talk about it being the best thing that happened during their school year. The day was educational, informative but also a fun day for the children and adults. I am sure we will be back.

    Year 4 Teacher
    School Trip - July 2019

    From the day I contacted The Party & Events Manager at Dinotropolis, I knew I was in good hands. I was looking for a Dinosaur themed educational visit for 2 classes of year 1 children and I stumbled across Dinotropolis during my search. All my questions were answered, and I received lots of information about what they could offer. They offer a discount for school groups which made the entry of £10 each very reasonable for the experience the children received. All our adults were free, and we were even given complimentary drinks from the cafeteria which was a lovely touch.

    On the day, The Party & Events Manager and her team kindly met us at the entrance to Bluewater to lead us to Dinotropolis. She was extremely organised and so were her staff. The classes split up and whilst one spent time in the Discovery Cove, the other had a workshop, from a variety on offer. She kept the children fully engaged throughout and they thoroughly enjoyed their tour where they could ‘visit’ the animatronic dinosaurs living in the centre.

    After a short break, the classes very efficiently swapped over. Amongst other things, there is a fantastic sandpit in the Discovery Cove which reacts to the way you move the sand using a projector of dinosaurs, water and lava when you create a volcano. Our children were mesmerised… and so were the adults! The children also designed their own dinosaurs and then saw them beamed onto a TV screen and brought to life. Very clever and highly engaging for young children.

    After lunch, the children were given a thorough safety briefing and then given time in the play area. To say they enjoyed themselves is a massive understatement! There are Go-Karts (for free!) and a fun escape room which the children loved. They all ended the day saying it was the best trip they’d been on and I couldn’t have been happier.

    All the rangers were so polite, respectful towards the adults and children, kind and incredibly helpful. I couldn’t have wished for more from a trip and I would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a fun dinosaur theme
    ed trip with educational elements.

    Year 1 Teacher

    The ultimate Dinosaur Adventure Park

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